Neck and Tie co exists to provide small batch, quality neckwear and accessories in the context of social awareness and compassion for people. Our products are designed and produced with the main intent to make something beautiful, both in our craft and in the people around us.

Neckwear for the Modern Man.

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Custom Weddings

We work with you to find the perfect fabrics for your style and theme. Then we craft them into beautiful neckwear for your bridal party and family. 


Bow Ties in Tulum.

A love story.


From our studio to your wardrobe, every neckpiece is masterfully crafted with attention to detail and care. 


In our PA workshop, each neckpiece is individually handcrafted and has a story to tell. We believe it is your story as well as ours. It is our desire to use what is in front of us to make a difference and to give back. Giving is not just something that we do, but part of who we are. This shows in our dedication to donate 10% of all sales to people who are active in their community, making the world around them a better place. 

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